Baby update (Monday, 8:00 PM)

Cilla had her scheduled appointment with her Doctot this afternoon. Turns out she's dilated four centimeters and fully effaced (if you wanted too much information). He was surprised she wasn't already in labor. So since labor is imminent, we've scheduled an inducement of labor for Wednesday morning.

Cilla and I are starting to think she's not going to make it to Wednesday morning, so we're all packed and ready to go to the hospital.

We appreciate all the prayers we've gotten so far and we would love it if you could continue. Specifically:

  • Please pray for Carter's health (he looks good so far).
  • Please pray for Cilla health (she feels fine).
  • Please pray that Cilla gets her epidural. Since she's already dilated, she might miss her 'window of opportunity.' Cilla's biggest fear is not having an epidural, so she's concerned about this.
  • Please pray that Will doesn't worry too much. The hardest thing for me not to do is worry (I'm good at it).
  • Please pray that anyone traveling to Abilene to be with us has a safe trip.

I may be able to update the website a few more times, but most likely the next post I'll make is announcing our baby boy.