Best friends!

In spite of a rough past week (with Will and Carter being sick), I still managed to cherish some sweet moments between a boy and his dog. These are the moments that make you stop in your tracks and just laugh and say "awww!" and truly thank God for allowing you to be a parent.

This is Carter giving Harley a hug.

This is Carter wrestling with Harley.

They love just hangin' out together.

I must conclude and add that Harley, though he drives me to insanity, is the best dog in the world!


Harley the hobbled wonder dog

Harley ended up having to have his knee operated on again. It seems he was a little too enthusiastic on his bad leg.

The vet said he had never seen a dog pull out his repair like Harley did. We’re hopeful the repair lasts this time. Cilla and I will certainly be more aware of how he is walking on his leg this time.