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10 months

Sweet Finley, You are 10 months old and we can’t believe how much you are growing daily. Your sweet little personality brings us so much joy and entertainment. You babble all of the time with three legible words. You can … Continue reading

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Why can’t I find my belt?

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9 months

Dear sweet Finley, These past nine months have been so incredible to watch you grow and develop into a spunky, joyful little boy. You give our family so much entertainment as we see you transform from a helpless little infant … Continue reading

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8 Months

Dear Fin, Here we are at 8 months. Happy doesn’t really describe how we feel when you look up at us with those pretty “baby blues”. You are too cute for words. Our lives are filled with joy at the … Continue reading

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7 months

Dear Fin, Watching you grow these past seven months have been the best gift a mother could enjoy. I was thinking to myself the other day, there is no greater joy that I have experienced in my life like being … Continue reading

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The half-way mark!

Dear Finley, Happy 6 months old, sweet boy. I can’t believe how fast life is moving! You are so pleasant and happy most of the time. I love playing with you on the floor, talking with you on the changing … Continue reading

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Sunny Days

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