Day 4 Update

Time flies 🙂

So, the recap:

  • Day two had ten fertilized eggs.
  • Day three had nine fertilized eggs. Seven of the embryos had eight cells each. The other two had seven cells. All are progressing normally.
  • Day four, today, we still have nine embryos. Eight had just entered the morula (fourth pic down) stage. Today (day 4) and tomorrow the cells in the embryo will continue to divide until there are 30 or so cells in the embryo.
  • Around day 5 some of the cells will move towards one side of their shell, called the zona pellucida, leaving a fluid filled sack, called the blastocele, in the middle of the embryo. The cells will start to clump into two groups. The inner group becomes the fetus and the outer group becomes the placenta. Amazing.

That’s all for the biology lesson for today 🙂

p.s. I forgot to mention that we did not have to do ICSI. Cilla’s eggs were fertilized naturally, if you call being fertilized in a dish naturally 🙂

Day 2 update

We went to Lubbock Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. Cilla’s retrieval procedure went as expected. They harvested 21 eggs (which is nice and high). 18 eggs survived the retrieval.

Yesterday 10 of the 18 eggs fertilized successfully. Today, all 10 fertilized eggs have divided into 2 or 4 cells. Our embryologist said 4 or 5 of the 10 eggs looked ‘good’ and 4 or 5 looked ‘average’ which he said is normal for an IVF retrieval.

The Retrieval

The retrieval was today and it was successful. Will tells me (I was drugged with Versed and Demerol) that we harvested 21 eggs with 18 of them mature and viable. The doc said that was alot! I have slept most of today and repeatedly asked Will the same questions over and over. I am doing fine with only a few aches every once and a while. Will, also had a good day. His sample count was the best it has been thus far. So, for now, we wait until they fertilize for approximately 5 or 6 days and then the big day will be here the middle of next week. Yea!!

What we’ve been going to Lubbock for…

This is what Cilla’s right ovary looks like as of 10 a.m. this morning (March 1st).

This is Cilla’s right ovary seen from two different angles. In these views you can see six follicles, each of which should contain a single egg. From watching the sonogram a few times, I’d guess that the largest follicle on the right is about 20 millimeters (0.78 inches) across. When they move the sonogram head around you can see many other follicles. She probably has a dozen or so on each ovary. The body is amazing. The ability for technology to image the inside of her body is amazing.

Right now, the egg retrieval is scheduled for Saturday. By then, each of the follicles on each ovary should be around 20 millimeters. I predict we’ll get 17 eggs total.

Getting Close

Will and I both traveled to Lubbock again today. Yes, they are even open on Sundays. They took more blood and we took another look at my follicles through another ultrasound. There are tons growing (this is a good thing) and there are about 5-10 that are worth measuring for the procedure. We will stay in Lubbock for the night and return in the morning for more testing. They will monitor us this close through Tuesday of this week and the doctor is predicting we will be ready for retrieval on Thursday or Friday.
We met up with our cousin Angie Cogburn while in Lubbock. She is in medical school at Tech. It was fun to catch up with her and pick her brain. I hope our children are as smart and beautiful as she is ! Well done Aunt Karla and Uncle John!