a recognizable drawing

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As far as I know, this is Carter’s first recognizable drawing. He worked on this and told me it was a basketball player (while we were watching a World Cup game, but oh well).

New host

I’ve updated my webhost. Please let me know if you see anything wonky.

First Day of School

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Tuesday was Carter’s first day of pre-school at Young Children’s World at our church, Highland Church of Christ. This is his second year for pre-school and I am so excited to see what he learns this year. His teachers are Teacher Holly and Teacher Shea. Most of his friends from last year returned and he has even made some new ones. I pray for him each morning that God will help him to have a good day of learning and that he will show kindness to someone that day.

“Cinders and Ashes!”

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Grammy and Boppa came to visit one weekend and Carter got his birthday present a little early. A brand new Thomas the Tank Engine Bike (with training wheels, of course). “I sure am a big boy, now!”, he says.

Thanks Boppa and Grammy!