like father…

like son.


Just keep swimming

Carter began his first set of swimming lessons last week. We are taking them at a place called Sunfish and I highly recommend it to everyone.

It is quaint little place with a great kiddie pool and the nicest people I have ever met. Carter’s swim instructor is very good with children and is so patient.

I really enjoy the one-on-one attention he gets and the freedom to use the 30 minutes however he feels. He mainly likes to walk around in the kiddie pool chasing after a ball or fish ring.

He is learning how to kick his legs on his tummy, blow bubbles on the water, and jump into the water. He seems to like it for the most part. He has some days when all he wants is the sucker at the end. I guess we have to start somewhere.

Time Flies

Eighteen months goes by quick. You are a very sweet little boy. Your love for your Mommy and Daddy shows each time you call for us from your crib or when you just reach up and grab our hand as to lead you to somewhere interesting. Harley is your biggest pal right now. We love to hear you laugh when you are chasing him and he is running the opposite direction. Then there is Nutmeg. Your sweet little stuffed dog you have in your arms each night as you sleep. We love him because he makes you feel safe and comforted in your bed.

You have a mouth full of teeth and it makes your smile even more precious to see. You are very much a little boy because you love just running everywhere, throwing balls, which Daddy says you do well, and playing in the dirt. You are very tall for your age (you are wearing 24 month old clothes). Some people already mistake you for a 2 year old. You have a good vocabulary and it keeps growing every day. We are amazed everyday at what word you have learned and how you REPEAT everything! I happen to think that you are the smartest kid on the planet but some would say I am partial.

You are happiest when Mommy and Daddy are both home. You like playing in our backyard and going for walks. You like bicycles, motorcycles, and buses. You like the sounds of a train or a "choo choo". You like climbing on anything climb-able. I feel like you will be scaling a tree any day now. You like figuring out how things work. You are very curious. You like taking the top off anything with a top. Your new favorite thing is looking out your bedroom window and gazing out at the "buses" or the neighbors. You want to drink out of a big cup and often try to by dowsing yourself in Mommy and Daddy's drink. You love anykind of music and we love it when you start to dance your little "bouncy" dance.

Your Daddy and I greatly consider ourselves the most blessed and envied parents because of what a good sleeper you are. After a hard, but fun day of play, you are definitly ready for bed. Becoming fussy or pulling on your clothes is our first indication that it's time to wrap up your day. We read some books, listen to your Kindermusik CD, or take a bath first. Then we go to your bedroom and put on your jammies and rock, pray, and sing some more. After you finish your bottle, Mommy likes to cuddle and tell you that she loves you a million times, but you want no part of that step. You want to grab Nutmeg and go to sleep. So down in your crib, a tuck of your friend under your arm and onto your tummy as Mommy sneaks in a kiss and covers you up. And without a peep, it's sweet dreams for our sweet little boy.


Best friends!

In spite of a rough past week (with Will and Carter being sick), I still managed to cherish some sweet moments between a boy and his dog. These are the moments that make you stop in your tracks and just laugh and say "awww!" and truly thank God for allowing you to be a parent.

This is Carter giving Harley a hug.

This is Carter wrestling with Harley.

They love just hangin' out together.

I must conclude and add that Harley, though he drives me to insanity, is the best dog in the world!