Doves Press typeface

Saw this on Antiques Roadshow. I’m not a huge typography wonk, but I do appreciate good typographic design.

I absolutely love the small-caps of the Doves Press Bible. SMU has one in their collections. Next time I’m in Dallas I’m going to see if it is on display.


How I share Google Reader items in Twitter

So, I wanted to be able to tweet items from Google Reader. I know things like twitterfeed exist, but I decided I wanted to be able to tweet items from Reader, or share items into my standard shared items, or both. I found which descibed how to to it using a Greasemonkey script.

However, the script used tiny.url to shorten URLs. I wanted to use, so I rewrote the getTinyAndInsert function and added a function.

If you want to use this script, you’ll have to sign up for a API key. After you sign up, you should get a login and API key. Replace the getTinyAndInsert function in the Greasemonkey script with:

function getTinyAndInsert(event) {
  var thelongurl = url;
  var bitlyLogin = "BITLY_LOGIN";
  var bitlyAPIKey = "BITLY_APIKEY";
  var commandurl = "" + thelongurl + "&longUrl=" + thelongurl + "&login=" + bitlyLogin + "&apiKey=" + bitlyAPIKey
  urlinput.value = "making url tiny...";
		method: 'GET',
		url: commandurl,
		onload: function(responseDetails) {
			if (responseDetails.status == 200) {
				var myFoundArray = responseDetails.responseText.match(/[a-zA-Z0-9]+/g);
				if (myFoundArray != null) {
					urlinput.value = myFoundArray[0];
				else {
					urlinput.value = "error shortening";

Be sure to use your BITLY_LOGIN and BITLY_APIKEY. Save the google_reader_twitter.user.js and reload Google Reader.

The function can probably be improved, but it works for me. YMMV. Good luck.

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