The half-way mark!

Dear Finley,
Happy 6 months old, sweet boy. I can’t believe how fast life is moving! You are so pleasant and happy most of the time. I love playing with you on the floor, talking with you on the changing table, blowing raspberries with you, and watching you laugh at Carter. You LOVE your big brother so much. You are all about what Carter is doing, saying, or playing with.
You are getting your first two teeth on the bottom (watch out Carter!). You roll all around the living room floor and are just about ready to start crawling. You are plump and juicy and you give mommy the best wet kisses.
We love you soooo much, Fin, and pray that you always stay sweet and loving and know daily just how special you are to us!

With all of our hearts,
Mommy, Daddy, and Carter

Childhood is calling

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Fin’s first solid food and not to fond of it!

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Let the potty training games begin!

Finley – Five Months

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Happy 5 months old! I know I say this a lot, but my o my how fast this has flown by. I remember this being my favorite time as I am cherishing the infant years before you become a very demanding and active toddler. You are pleasant and happy MOST of the time. You have become very fond of mommy these days. You only want to be held, rocked, held, fed, held, played with, and did I mention, held by mommy. Although I am flattered by your undying admiration for the one who gave birth to you, you do have a wonderful daddy who loves you very much as well. You also don’t mind big brother coming around either. You are rolling over both ways now, sleeping through the night (most nights), talking, laughing, smiling, and eating a little bit of solid food.

I love how you smile and laugh all of the time, especially when you are tickled. This truly is music to our ears. I love how you gaze into my eyes when we snuggle as to say, “please never let me go!”. I smile each time that you reach out and touch Harley’s dog fur and track him around the room. But seeing you interact with Carter makes me the happiest. You adoringly stare at your big brother, taking in his voice, as he shows you his newest dump truck or as he reads you his favorite books. We pray that you and Carter will become the best of friends someday.

Though you give us fits some days right now, Fin, we love you with all of our hearts put together. I pray that God gives you the same kind of joy you bring us.

We love you more than you know,

Mommy, Daddy, and Carter

Finley – Four months

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You are now 4 months old. Around the corner and off we go! We went to the doctor for a check up the other day and you tipped the scales at 16 pounds and 6 oz. You are 27 inches long which pretty much makes you a very hefty little boy. It seems like we eat all of the time and there is no mistaking just exactly when you are hungry. You are all smiles and giggles one minute and then the next you let the whole world know with the highest, most shrill cry one’s ever heard, that it is time to stop everything and eat!

I love how easy it is to make you smile. You think the changing table in your room is the greatest place on earth. We strip you down to nothing often and watch you talk and giggle for hours. You are developing your own little personality and we love you more and more each day.

I pray a special scripture over you each night and one of my favorite’s is, may the Lord give you “the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control” (Galatians 5:21-23).

We love you sweet boy,

Mommy and Daddy

3 months

Dear Fin,

Happy 3 months old! You turn 3 months old and mommy turns 33 years today. We have enjoyed seeing you develop your own sweet personality this month. You smile and laugh all of the time. You certainly are selective as to whom you offer this precious pleasure. You definitely smile at mommy, daddy and your big brother, but it is extra special when you smile at Carter singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". I can't wait until you and Carter can run around and play ( and fight, of course). You love being held all of the time, preferably by mommy. I still cherish our quiet time in the middle of the night, however I am ready for us to just meet in the morning. 

I love how you suck on your hands like it is your last meal. I love talking to you on your changing table. I love how you cling onto our shirts as to say, "never let go of me". I love how you just know that we are your family and that this is where you belong. We pray for you every day that you will always know that this love and security is never ceasing. 


Blessings always, 

Mommy and Daddy



Happy 2 months, Fin!

Dear Fin,

Happy 2 months old. I am actually late in writing this as you have turned 2 months on the 21st of December. You have grown and changed so much in this last month. It has been so much fun watching you more awake and alert. You are tracking faces now and are smiles all of the time. I enjoy your biggest smiles as I change your diaper. I absolutely cherish our late night rendevous’s as it is only you and I snuggling until your next feeding. You have dropped a feeding in the late evening which makes mommy a little more pleasant to be around.

I love your big, beautiful, blue eyes. I love your creamy white complexion and your sweet soft skin. I love how you love to cuddle and fall instantly asleep in my arms.  Recently, I have added your precious little "coos" to that list.

I love all of you, sweet boy and feel so blessed each day that I hold you.


With all the love in my heart,

Mommy and Daddy

1 month of Finley

Happy Birthday sweet Finley!

You are now one month old and it has been such a roller coaster ride since you have arrived. As your mommy, I have loved every waking moment that I get to hold you in my arms, smell your smell, and catch a gaze at your beautiful wandering blue eyes. With your cute button nose and your perfect round face and head, you become more and more handsome each day. I can't keep from giving you a million kisses all in one sitting. He would never admit it, but I think that this makes your big brother, Carter, a bit jealous. 

You are pretty happy most of the time as long as you have a tummy full of milk and are being held. Daddy still sings those crazy songs with made up words like he used to with your brother and this gets your attention as well. You also have the most deadly toots I have ever smelled. It makes Carter laugh every time. Carter is a great big brother. He sings to you all the time and gives you kisses on the head, knee, or nose. You really stop and listen hard when he sings to you. This brings tears to my eyes. I can't wait for you two to play and, of course, fight together. I'm certain you two are on your way to becoming the best of friends. 

We love you more than you know right now and we promise to spend the next infinity showing you just how blessed we are for you to be in our lives. We thank God every day for completing our family with you!

With the truest love, 

Mommy, Daddy, and Carter