8 Months

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Here we are at 8 months. Happy doesn’t really describe how we feel when you look up at us with those pretty “baby blues”. You are too cute for words. Our lives are filled with joy at the sound of your voice, even though it’s just babbles.

Daddy and I love how you love to give kisses, how you reach out for us, and I guess how you cry undyingly as we leave the room. You definitely know when we are around and when we are not. It is known that you love your family, especially your big brother. You love the special times when we all play on the guest bed in your room. You are really crawling and pulling up now and can even dogpile on top Carter. All smiles, you and Carter wrestle and fight as I sit and watch adoringly.

You are my sweet little tub and I love you more and more each day. I truly am the most blessed mother and I thank God every night that I have another day with my boys to watch the two of you grow and learn. Please don’t grow up too fast and know that my goal as your mommy is to always show you love and comfort and that you will always be my sweet boy.

With the greatest love,

Mommy, Daddy, and Carter