The half-way mark!

Dear Finley,
Happy 6 months old, sweet boy. I can’t believe how fast life is moving! You are so pleasant and happy most of the time. I love playing with you on the floor, talking with you on the changing table, blowing raspberries with you, and watching you laugh at Carter. You LOVE your big brother so much. You are all about what Carter is doing, saying, or playing with.
You are getting your first two teeth on the bottom (watch out Carter!). You roll all around the living room floor and are just about ready to start crawling. You are plump and juicy and you give mommy the best wet kisses.
We love you soooo much, Fin, and pray that you always stay sweet and loving and know daily just how special you are to us!

With all of our hearts,
Mommy, Daddy, and Carter