3 months

Dear Fin,

Happy 3 months old! You turn 3 months old and mommy turns 33 years today. We have enjoyed seeing you develop your own sweet personality this month. You smile and laugh all of the time. You certainly are selective as to whom you offer this precious pleasure. You definitely smile at mommy, daddy and your big brother, but it is extra special when you smile at Carter singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". I can't wait until you and Carter can run around and play ( and fight, of course). You love being held all of the time, preferably by mommy. I still cherish our quiet time in the middle of the night, however I am ready for us to just meet in the morning. 

I love how you suck on your hands like it is your last meal. I love talking to you on your changing table. I love how you cling onto our shirts as to say, "never let go of me". I love how you just know that we are your family and that this is where you belong. We pray for you every day that you will always know that this love and security is never ceasing. 


Blessings always, 

Mommy and Daddy