Happy 2 months, Fin!

Dear Fin,

Happy 2 months old. I am actually late in writing this as you have turned 2 months on the 21st of December. You have grown and changed so much in this last month. It has been so much fun watching you more awake and alert. You are tracking faces now and are smiles all of the time. I enjoy your biggest smiles as I change your diaper. I absolutely cherish our late night rendevous’s as it is only you and I snuggling until your next feeding. You have dropped a feeding in the late evening which makes mommy a little more pleasant to be around.

I love your big, beautiful, blue eyes. I love your creamy white complexion and your sweet soft skin. I love how you love to cuddle and fall instantly asleep in my arms.  Recently, I have added your precious little "coos" to that list.

I love all of you, sweet boy and feel so blessed each day that I hold you.


With all the love in my heart,

Mommy and Daddy