Our little dare devil!

One of my greatest fears as a mother these days has been Carter falling out of his crib. It even wakes me up at night of the thought of my sweet boy falling to the floor. Well, today was the day! I woke up to the sound of "(THUMP!) AHHHHH FALLLLLLLLL!" Harley goes barreling through Carter's door and we find him on his knees on, (thank God!) his nice new thick rug we bought and put right beneath his crib. I think it scared the pants off the both of us more than any harm done. We sat on the floor of his room and held each other for about 10 min. I am not sure what he was thinking about, but I know all you mommies know exactly what was playing over and over in my mind. He is ok and back to his normal self with not even a scratch to show for it. We talked at length about how "we DO NOT climb in or out of our crib because it makes us fall and that makes mommy sad!" He can now tell you all about climbing out his crib and mommy being sad!


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