28 Weeks

We are now at the 28 week mark and time is flying by. It really seems like yesterday was March 10th when we found out about our little blessing and what a blessing it has been. Since the first trimester yuckies, I have felt great. I must admit, I was fearful of a rough 9 months. However, my energy is sucked out of me daily by chasing Carter around the house!

Other than a little fatigue, everything is great. I have gained 18 pounds so far and my doctor says that I am right on target, "big and healthy". I have been having some braxton-hicks contractions since our trip to Vegas, but he doesn't seem that concerned and contributes them to the extra activity I do with caring for the first child. 

Overall, we are soo excited for the baby (name yet to come) to get here and for Carter to meet his new baby brother.