The feeling of life

I am now 18 weeks along in the pregnancy and have been recently reminded of one of the greatest things you get to experience as a mother. A few weeks ago, I felt baby 2.0 ( as Will calls it) kick for the first time. 'It' kicks all the time now! Feeling this new life inside my growing girth just makes my heart swell and stop to realize truly what a miracle not only this baby is to us, but how God can do anything!

This subtle, yet special flutter inside reminded me of right after I delivered Carter. I was a touch sad because I missed feeling him inside me as he was always there within me. I love this special feeling that only us mommies get to share with out children and I want to hang onto it as long as I can.

On a separate note, all is going well with the pregnancy. Morning sickness is gone and no more headaches so far. We anxiously await anticipate June 17th when we will find out what we are having.

Stay tuned.

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