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Fun in the sun

At least the lawn gets watered.

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smiles all around

Well, if you haven't found out by now, the scan below tells the story. We can't remember who we've told and who we've neglected. If you're the latter, please accept our apologies.

This time, we got pregnant all on our own. Cilla and I have become the cliché about people who had ART and then got pregnant on their own. We've very excited. We had planned on trying to get pregnant on our own from January to July, then going back to Lubbock when we didn't get pregnant by July. It looks like we got pregnant on our first cycle.

On the flip side, Cilla has felt poorly almost the entire pregnancy. Cilla's pregnancy with Carter was such a breeze we're both reeling a little from this one. She has felt a little better the last week or so (only a few hours of neaseau a day vs. constant) so we're hopeful she's turning the corner.

The doctor says everything looks fine. Baby 2.0 should be be here around the last week in October, one week before Carter's birthday.

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Pope Benedict XVI prayed with tearful victims of clergy sex abuse in a chapel Thursday, an extraordinary gesture from a pontiff who has made atoning for the great shame of the U.S. church the cornerstone of his first papal trip to America….


More than 800 employees at Texas’ 13 large facilities for the mentally and developmentally disabled have been suspended or fired for abusing patients since fiscal year 2004, state officials said Tuesday….

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Language is cool.

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new design

One of the joys of owning your own website is the ability to tinker. I’ve been tinkering. Hope you like the new design. As far as I can remember, this is the fourth design this website has had. Continue reading

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