How’s your shuffle?

Mat inspired me. Here are my ten:

  1. Knife Going In by Teagan and Sara
    on The Con
    Teagan and Sara are twin sisters. This is indie rock.

  2. Bangs by They Might be Giants
    on Dial-a-Song: 20 Years of They Might Be Giants
    They Might be Giants are weird. This is a weird song about bangs, the kind on your face. The opening line is Bangs… Above your eyes your hair hangs…

  3. The Palm Sunday Tornado Hits Crystal Lake by Sufjan Stevens on
    The Avalanche Outtakes
    Sufjan is a singer-songwriter from Michigan. His (rather lofty) goal is to write an album about each of the fifty states. So far he's done Michigan and Illinois (plus another non-states-related album).

  4. Selfless, Cold, and Composed by the Ben Folds Five
    on Whatever and Ever, Amen
    Ahh, Ben Folds Five. Rock music without guitars.

  5. Moses I Amn't by Mogwai on
    Happy Songs For Happy People
    Ahh Mogwai. Post-rock electronic music. Imagine if you took Explosions in the Sky and made it darker and more depressing.

  6. Rolling O by They Might Be Giants on
    Here Come the ABCs!
    This is from their first kindie rock album

  7. One Rung by Sobberbone
    on Barrel Chested
    Alt-country from Denton, Texas. They aren't around any more.

  8. Black Wave by The Shins
    on Wincing the Night Away
    Probaby the best song on this list. Natalie Portman's character in Garden State says to listen to The Shins, they will change your life. This album is definately bettern than Garden State 🙂

  9. Interlude (Milo) by Modest Mouse
    on Good News for People Who Love Bad News
    A short interlude. How fitting it leads to the last song.

  10. Everyday by Dave Matthews Band
    on Everyday
    I had a serious crush on this band when they were new. I don't know if their music change or if I grew up or both. Still a serious bunch of talented musicians. I still like their old, less produced, stuff. This is from the newer, overproduced stuff.

There you go. I have 572 artists, 871 albums, and 8592 songs in my iTunes. The iTunes randomizer picked two of the same artists out of all that music. Go figure.


One thought on “How’s your shuffle?

  1. mat

    Great list…I am glad to be the inspiration. It is, for sure, a fun game to play with your music and lets us all know a bit about your tastes.


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