Happy First Year

Dear Carter,

Happy birthday, my sweet little boy. I can't believe that this day has finally arrived. The day of your birthday was a special time just for me, you, and daddy. We let you tear into a spiderman cupcake and you loved it! That following weekend, we had a small party with all of our family and a few friends. Both sets of your grandparents came along with Papa and Grandma (daddy's grandparents), Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jim, and your Aunt Tracy. It was so special to have them travel so far just be with you on this very special day. You got some really great gifts, including you very first wagon. The birthday cake wasn't as messy as we all had hoped, however, you really enjoyed all of the attention.

After all the confetti had settled, I finally got around to writing this last sentiment to you and wanted to really tell you what the past year has meant to me and your daddy. One year ago, as we held you in our arms for the first time, we both were the happiest parents in the world. Today, we are even more happy. We are also so proud of how you have grown into a very good, smart, loving, and not to forget, very cute boy. You are the most loved little boy in this world because God gave you to us. I have loved watching you grow up each moment of every day. No matte how fast each year goes by, you will always be my sweet little boy. We love today, tomorrow, and forever.



Mommy and Daddy


(sorry this is late. Daddy's fault.)