Half of one

I agree with all of this. Except Cilla is really good looking.


Baby steps

Carter took about three determined steps on Monday night. We don’t think he realized what he had done and he’s only done it once since then. Maybe Cilla and I startled him when we freaked out and now he’s afraid to try again 🙂

Our Little Star

Will and I both love music and feel that it is an important part of the world. Unfortunately, neither one of us are exactly gifted in this area. In fact, I just know that I am making Carter tone deaf as much as I sing to him. Therefore, we decided to do Kindermusik with Carter. It is a wonderful program that incorporates music and rhythm into a child's developmental processes. He loves the social interaction with other babies and is mesmerized by the teacher's beautiful voice. It just so happened that KTAB was filming our last class and Carter made it on TV. Here's the two clips.



1/3 off

This week will be the first week since May that I've worked five days. The school district decided this summer that we'd only work four days a week (they wanted to try to save electricity by turning off the air-conditioners for a three-day weekend). So, I got spend three days a week with Carter.

Today, I'm very aware that one-third of the days I get to spend with Carter are suddenly gone. That bums me out a little. 

Happy 10 months!

Dear Carter,

Happy 10 months, baby boy! Thank you for making our lives so much fun. You remind me daily of life's simplest moments and how enjoyable it can be when you just live in it and play. Your precious 4-toothed-smile is sooo contagious. I love how you play peek-a-boo all by yourself and get so tickled when me, daddy, or even Harley walks by as to chase you. You love playing with Harley and his dog bed. Some day he just might take you for a ride!

You are standing, crawling, and cruising all over the place. You stand alone sometimes without knowing there is no support. You babble and talk all of the time. I want to know so badly what you are saying, sometimes I just answer you back as if I do understand you. You are happiest when we all are at home playing on the floor or in the backyard in your little swimming pool. But, you also really enjoy playing with other little kids or just over in the corner exploring every little nook and cranny. I am amazed at how content you are all of the time. You're pretty laid back and love the simple things in life.

A nice lady asked me the other day, "Don't you wonder what you ever did for entertainment before your son came along?". I tried to remember what our lives was like, and yes, I do remember. I remember praying and longing for a sweet child like you to come along and make our lives what they are today. Again, we thank you for all the joy and laughter you bring us and we want you to know how much we promise to make your life just as fulfilled.


We love you so much,

Mommy and Daddy