Happy 9 months!

Dear Carter,

Happy 9 months old my precious little boy. You are growing so very fast and developing the most delightful little personality. Your daddy and I talk about what a good boy you are. You are so happy all of the time and are the happiest when you are at home playing with mommy and daddy. You also love going to church and playing with Ms. Martha. Your favorite book is Hop on Pop and you love reading this before nap and bedtimes. We have done alot of swimming this summer and you have decided that you do like to swim. But when we are home, your favorite thing to do is watch Elmo on Sesame Street. You don't particularly care for the dark, loud noises, or broccoli. We will have to work on the broccoli thing since it's your daddy's favorite vegetable.

You now have your two bottom teeth and the two top ones coming in. This is not a fun time because I can tell that you don't feel good sometimes. But I know that once they come in you will have an even more precious smile.

Carter, my love grows for you more and more each minute I spend with you. As I lay you in your crib each night and pray over you, one of my requests to God is that He will teach the kind of love that I feel for you. Out of all the many things you will learn, I believe that learning to love others and most of all God, will prepare your heart and shape you into the special person that God intends for you to be.


Love always,

Mommy and Daddy

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  1. Karen Taylor Quinn

    Cilla, You and Will have a precious gift from God. I am so happy for you. Come see us sometime. You are always welcomed here. Love, Karen

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