Happy 8 months!

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Dear Carter,

You are 8 months already. Thank you for making these past few weeks so much fun. You have changed so fast this month. You are a little monkey on the move. Crawling and pulling up on the furniture has become your biggest accomplishment so far. I love watching you move across the room with sincere intent. You have even chased after Harley a few times.

The smallest details fascinate you. For instance, when we give you a toy, you go straight for the tag. You are so curious and as you look at me, I can just see your wheels spinning in your little brain. You have the most delightful personality and love to play peek-around-daddy with mommy. Your smiles have even changed. You now have two little teeth on your bottom gums. But some days, I think the others are trying to make their appearance.

I love you with all my heart and can tell that you love us as you reach up for us when we enter the room. Please know and never forget the love mommy and daddy have for you today, tomorrow, and forever.

Hugs and kisses, Mommy and Daddy