Growing up.

We took this picture twelve days ago when Carter started sitting up. Now, he sits up, crawls, and pulls himself up (he especially likes the size of his step stool for this). He also likes to crawl to his rocking chair (thanks Poppa and Grandma), but once he gets there he gets frustrated because it rocks. He also gets frustrated when he stands up because he can't figure out how to sit back down. There is probably a life lesson in there somewhere.

We had to upgrade his car seat to one that is bigger. We had to stop using his bathtub sling, now he sits in the sink . We had to lower his matress in his crib.

Cilla worked four days in row this weekend. This was the first time she's worked four days in a row in a longs time. Carter is learning the layout of the hospital since we can't help ourselves. We have to go visit her when she works. We all survived and I got some 'stay-at-home-dad' experience.

I got a pair of crocs since I needed some waterproof shoes. I feel like I'm cheating on my Birkenstocks.

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  1. Hey guys! I am not sure if you knew I read your blog or not. I have been reading it for quite a while. I followed your exciting pregnancy and love getting the updates and seeing the pictures. You guys are so cute and it seems like you have taken to parenting extremely well. I think I had a lot more of an adjustment period with Soren! Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and I hope you are doing well.


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