7 months already!

Dear Carter,

Happy 7 months, baby boy! They really have been so happy for me and daddy. You are so much fun and are at that age where everything is new and exciting.  You continue to make me smile daily as I watch you roll around on the ground discovering how to crawl. Your crib is your own personal wrestling ring! You haven't quite decided how to sit up on your own yet, but I can tell that you are determined to figure it out. You are full of things to say, but daddy and I haven't learned to speak "baby" yet. We would much prefer you to speak our language! You are probably trying to tell us that your are teething with a capital "T"! You have had some grumpy days here lately, but even on a bad day, you are still a great baby. You are usually easily entertained and smile readily at mine or daddy's face. You love your playpen, your high chair, and eating peas and carrots. 

You are truly the best thing in our lives and I love spending every moment with you and daddy. As I sit here and listen to you talk to yourself trying to soothe yourself to sleep, my heart feels warm and swollen with joy. I love you more than you know and will spend the rest of my life letting you know how much that is.


Love always,

Mommy and Daddy