Happy Anniversary

Nine years ago today, I was the happiest woman on the planet.  I was about to marry the most wonderful man I had ever met.  He was my best friend, a christian, and someone who loved me and my family for who I was on the inside and out. I remember being so excited, but nervous at the same time. I was about to graduate from college, leave my parents, and start a life with this wonderful man who I had only known a few years.  With that all on my plate, I began the best journey of my life.

I love my husband more today than I did nine years ago. I wouldn't change one day of what has been an amazing, comfortable, and very blessed life. I have a beautiful 7 month old son and a husband who shows me everyday that he loves us beyond imagination. What more could I ask for!

Nine years later, I am still the happiest woman on the planet. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, BABE!