If money could grow on trees…

Well, the time I have secretly dreaded has come. I am officially returning back to work. I won't be going back full time, however. My weekends will be when I will work and my family will be home without me. I will be signing a contract with the hospital for only two days a week. It has no benefits (but now we have Will's benefits) and I must work one holiday a year but it will pay more than I used to make. As RN's go, especially in Abilene, you can't beat this with a stick! Even better, since Will has Friday's off with the school district for the summer, he will be able to watch Carter while I work Friday and Saturday. This was our original plan until Will's work schedule wasn't able to accommodate it. But now everything has really fallen into place.

Saturday was my first official day back and it was one of the hardest things I have had to do since childbirth. The moment I walked into work, of course, everyone asked about Carter. Tears instantly swelled up in my eyes as I replied, "He's wonderful. I miss him already!". I thought of him and Will at home almost every second of my day. I had to call Will and have him come visit me at work.

I have really been blessed to have stayed home with Carter for almost 6 mos. Silly me, I thought money grew on trees and that our finances would hold up forever. But one thing I have learned is that these sweet little bundles of joy aren't cheap. But God has blessed beyond what I imagined and does every time.