Sometimes when Carter misses a nap and gets tired he gets cranky and fussy. Other times he gets kind of delirious and laughs at everything (then he gets cranky). Last night we caught the latter. For some reason, Carter found Harley hilarious.



Going Places


Carter is really starting to move. The only problem is he only moves backwards. He’ll spin in a random direction start going backwards and then end up half-way underneath something, like the couch. See the video to the right for an example.

Senior Sunday

Yesterday was Senior Sunday at church. Every year Highland celebrates the graduation of all the seniors. A couple of things hit me:

  1. I can't believe these kids were born in 1989 or 1990. I was a freshman in High School when these kids were born.
  2. I can't believe Carter will be (God willing) standing on a church stage someday for his graduation. Cilla and I are on the lookout for cute baby pictures they'll show on the screens up front to go along with the senior graduation picture.

P.S. Thanks Julia.

Happy Mother’s Day

Being a mother is priceless. It is all the gift I need. I feel as if I am privileged in a way that only mothers can understand. I feel whole. It is that my mission in life has begun. I live for this little boy and have an overwhelming joy that swells up inside me each time he looks at me. To give life to something that wants to give you love in return is what it is all about.

I love being a mother and on my very first mother's day, I feel more blessed than ever.

6 months old!

Dear Carter,

Happy Birthday my sweet boy. I can't believe you are 6 months old today. I remember thinking back when you were around 2 months old that the 6 month mark would be so far away. It really has crept up on us and I am daily amazed at how fast you've grown into a perfect little boy.

You get cuter and cuter everyday. You are also more and more fun as you learn new things. You stare at your hand like you are on a far off trip. You have recently discovered your feet and often gnaw on your toes as to let us know that you are hungry. You do this fun little move* when I hide behind a toy or blanket. You inquisitivly whisk your head around the obstacle to peek at mommy hiding from you. This really is so cute it makes me cry with laughter. You have accepted the idea of playing on your tummy for extended periods of time and now are scooching backwards. You are never in the same place as where we put you. You are not far from crawling (Yea!…I guess!?) You love for mommy to pick you up from your crib in the mornings, you love to watch "Maisy" as you sit in your chair with your favorite blanket "snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug", but what you love most right now is falling asleep on daddy's chest while mommy makes dinner.

I am so blessed to watch you grow up before my very eyes. I painfully regret when each day ends for I know that tomarrow you will be another day older. I truly cherish each moment I get to hold you, each smile I receive, each hug I feel, and the precious times we have together as a family. I love you for how happy you make me and the fulfillment I get from being your mommy.