Twice in two days I find myself babyless.

For the first time yesterday, Carter went to the nursery at church. He likes church. He likes looking at all the people. I think he likes the singing. He usually falls asleep in the sermons. Yesterday, Cilla took him out to try to get him to go to sleep (his regularly scheduled nap time is right in the middle of church). She came back empty handed. So we had half a church service and bible class without Carter. I think we all handled it pretty well 🙂 The nursery worker said he did well away from his parents.

Today, Cilla and Carter have gone to Brownwood to visit Grandma and Poppa (Cilla's parents). It is nice that Cilla's parents live close enough to make a day trip. We're envious of Katy's family proximity to my parents and the time they have spent with Grammy and Boppa (my parents).