Happy 5 months!

Dear Carter,

You have been in our lives for 5 months now. It seems like just yesterday we were holding you in the hospital in amazing disbelief that you were finally here. Now I can't even imagine how one day in my life without you would be.

These past months have gone by too fast. You are such a big boy and are very smart. You take after your daddy just as I wished. You have found your hand and are becoming more aware of yourself. You reach out to touch your reflection in the mirror. Your latest endeavor is rolling over. You have mastered this little trick and get easily frustrated when you end up on your tummy and can't do much of anything else. You are now enjoying some rice cereal once a day. As you reach for the spoon and open your mouth at the same time, I realize just how fast you are growing up.

You are very ticklish and love for mommy and daddy to "snack" on your tummy anytime of the day. This quickly turns a meltdown into a gigglefest. You are quite predictable and mommy knows just how to read your every move. Daddy asked me what my favorite part of my day was and I replied, "the part when I make Carter smile!"

I think you are the greatest little boy. I truly never knew I could love someone as much as I love you. Daddy and I want you to know this and feel loved every minute of every day. I also pray for you daily. If you grow up to be as compassionate and kind as your daddy, my job as your mother will be fulfilled. May you grow in the Lord and know Him and His blessings.