New trick!

About a month ago, I was happily reporting that Carter was gloriously sleeping through the night.  Well, he has recently discovered his feet in the middle of the night and wakes up every morning at around 4 AM to use them as a drumstick on his mattress.  It sounds like a car door is shutting over and over outside. He is never fussy or cries. He just wakes up and plays for about 2 hours sometimes off and on and then goes back to sleep.  But guess who can't go back to sleep?  We haven't been doing anything differently and I don't understand this sudden change in behavior.  He also is clawing at his face and forehead in his sleep.  He wakes up with a new scratch each day.  We just have been telling everyone that he sleeps with a cactus!

Any suggestions!? 

3 thoughts on “New trick!

  1. Katy

    We put little baby socks on Jake’s hands at night for a while. He didn’t mind, and if he scratched, he didn’t hurt himself. Just an idea.

    Love you all!
    Aunt Katy

  2. Julia

    Carter is at the stage of scocial awarness, of himself and others. He is now starting to be more interested in his world. All completely normal. All you need to do is turn off your monitor and go back to sleep until his perscibed morning wake time. Just wait until he starts rolling over and sitting up! 🙂 May I recomend Healthy Sleep habits Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth. I have a copy if you would like to borrow it!

    Love the Blog and Love you Both – Julia

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