four months

Four months ago tonight I sat, quietly, in a hospital room at Hendrick Medical Center. Cilla was in labor, and, thanks to medicine she was sleeping peacefully. Unaware of each contraction.

We've both written about the milestones Carter is making these last four months. Why stop now? Carter is still a big, beautiful boy. He went to the doctor yesterday. We think he has allergies. The doctor thinks he has a cold. We found out, without much surprise, that he really is a big boy. He weighs 17.5 pounds. His cousins were all really big, too. Cilla and I like it that way, big and healthy.

Carter usually sleeps through the night. He'll wake up when his nose is so stopped up he can't breathe through his nose. He eats well. He's learning to pull objects to his mouth, learning to grab, and learning to laugh.

Cilla is still a wonderful mother (who would expect any less). She gentle and patient with Carter. She's gentle and patient with me. I love her very much. There is no one else I'd choose to raise my son.