Just the boys

Cilla is going to go back to work for a few hours late this afternoon. Her boss is in need of help for very short time frames. She'll go in a bit before shift change and help with some of the grunt work nurses don't have much time for, like admitting, discharging, and transferring patients.

We've both really enjoyed her being home, but we've both started to get a little nervous about our financial situation with her not working at all. If she works a few hours a day a few days a week, we should be fine, financially.

So, a couple of evenings a week (and maybe a little on Saturday) it'll just be the boys in the Wyatt house. Me, Carter, and Harley.



Just an update on our trial run of the other night (from previous blog). I am pleased to announce that Carter has had at least a week of continual sleeping through the night. This means he goes to bed between 8 and 9 PM and sleeps soundly (most nights we hear no peeps) until he starts moving at 7 or 7:30.

Will and I were just saying the other day what a great baby Carter is and we think that we are so blessed to have him and that he just might be the exception to the rule.

Counting my blessings

IMG_2246I woke up this morning realizing just how blessed I am. To have a wonderful husband, child, and family is the greatest blessing in my life right now. As I sit here and type this, I am listening to the most precious sound in the world: the sound of Carter playing on his floor gym, cooing and laughing at his "friends" the dangling elephant, monkey and giraffe. He has started grabbing the mirror that is attached and firsts gazes into and smiles at himself, then talks to himself, and then discovers that he can use this device to aide in rolling himself over onto his left side. His little fat arm hinders him from completing the roll. I love staying at home with Carter. Everyday is a new day full of feeding, cuddling, playing, napping, and special moments where I get to see Carter grow up before my very eyes.

Our day starts out with me rolling out of bed around 7 or 7:30. First priority is the dog: Harley would die if I forgot to feed him. I get Carter's milk ready next and try to pump for the next meal. I then go to get sweet boy out of his crib only to find him all smiles and pleasantly surprised to see me. He has usually turned in his crib through the night and is perpendicular like this morning as he was "T-boning" the crib bumper. He definitely is a wiggle-worm. Next, we eat only because we have to. He doesn't seem all that hungry in the morning which we find odd because he has just woken up from a 6-7 hour stretch with out eating. Although, last night Will and I became very frustrated as the little toot wouldn't eat a drop at his midnight feeding. Instead he screamed at the top of his lungs, very upset that we woke him up. I think this means he is ready to drop a feeding and sleep from 9 pm to 6 or 7 am. ( tonight will be a trial run, let's hope all goes well!)

About mid-morning, we play for a while and go down for a nap. He is very good about telling me when he is due for a nap. I can tell that he has a different high-pitched squeal and let's out a frustrating "BLAR!" Either that, or he just gets pretty still and stares off into space. I usually catch a cat nap here with him, too. We then wake up an hour and a half later and eat again. IMG_2231We then sit and read a book or practice some tummy time on the floor. He loves reaching out and trying to touch his face in the mirror. By this time, daddy is home for lunch. We quickly report how our morning went and off for a nap. The rest of his naps for the day are only 45 min. exactly. This gives me just enough time to eat some lunch and visit with daddy. The afternoon is left for walks around the block with Harley, or fun trips to Target. The afternoon's sure do go by fast. Before we know it, it's 4:30 and I am starting to prepare dinner. Between 5 and 5:30, Will comes home from work and our evening is downhill from there. Will takes Carter and Harley and plays with them outside while I finish up dinner. Sometimes, if I am feeding Carter, my wonderful husband will fix the best dinner we usually have.

After dinner, we both give Carter a bath in the sink. He loves his baths and he loves us both being there. We put our jammies on and then he eats about 8 oz. of breast-milk. We are usually drowsy by this time, so we sing to God and say our prayers and then he goes right to bed (most nights). Will and I have a little quiet time to ourselves where we cuddle on the couch or catch up on our TV shows. I am usually in bed by 9 or 10 while Will stays up and has some quiet time all to himself (most nights).

I am so incredibly blessed to have a wonderful husband who really wants to do this family thing. He puts so much effort into being a daddy, it makes my heart swell with joy. We have a wonderful son who is such a happy baby. Our lives aren't as simple as they used to be, but I think they are just as I expected. What more could I ask for?!

100 days


Carter is one-hundred days old today. I’m amazed at how quickly these weeks have gone by. 101 days ago Cilla had a conversation with our doctor that went something like:

Dr. D: You’re dialated. Are you sure you’re not in labor?

Cilla: I don’t think so, but then again I’ve never been in labor before…

Dr. D: I think you are in labor. You guys want to have this baby tomorrow?

Cilla: (suprised look on her face) Uhh…

Will: (panicked look on his face) Noooo….

It turned out we had Carter the next morning anyway. He was born twenty-one days early. So, Dr. Daniel was asking us, twenty-two days early, if we wanted to have a baby. We felt like we had a lot to do in those twenty-two days.

So here we are, one-hundred days later, with a smiling, happy, healthy baby. He smiles and tries to laugh at mommy when she clicks her tongue. He grunts and smiles and tries to laugh when daddy kisses him with his stubble-ly face. He (finally) sleeps well. He figured out how to use his voice. Actually, he found his voice in church at Bible Class.

He already does so many things he couldn’t do a few days or weeks or months ago. He rubs his eyes when he’s tired. He sucks his hands when he’s hungry or tired (he doesn’t like pacifiers at all). He can follow you across a room.

I can’t believe he’s been here one-hundred days. We couldn’t have made it so far without the support and encouragement from family and friends (especially my Mom helping those first few days). Thanks to everybody.

Happy 3 months, Carter!

Dear Carter,

Today you are 3 months old! I can’t believe how wonderful you are and how happy you have made me these last 3 months. You are the happiest little baby there is. You are all smiles first thing in the morning. You love talking to yourself and mommy in the mirror and this makes you light up and giggle. I love to see you recognize me or daddy’s face and put the biggest smile on when you see us approaching. You can really see your big personality coming out and that you have a lot of love in your heart. I hope you always keep a smile on your face and remember to laugh alot.

You are so big now, I cannot buy enough clothes for you to fit in. You must grow 2 inches everyday! You are starting to get rolls around your belly which daddy takes pictures of. I think your little fat feet are the cutest though. You love getting your diaper changed because we just sing and talk back and forth. You have definitley become more and more vocal these last few months. Just last night you mistakenly said “momma” for the first time! You are very much a wiggle worm. I never know what position you will be in when I go to get you out of your crib. Your latest endeavor is trying to roll over. I looked down yesterday at you on your floor gym and you were on your left side. I screamed with excitement and grabbed the camera. I couldn’t wait until daddy came home to tell him what a big boy you were. Keep at it, sweet boy, you will be crawling soon! Oh, how could I forget, you are now getting the hang of sleeping through the night! Yea! We consider sleeping 5-6 hours at night a huge accomplishment. You slip up every once and while and forget how to do it, but we just catch up on our sleep the next day.

Daddy and I love you more and more each day. You have made our lives exciting and very busy, but we wouldn’t trade you for anything…ok, maybe a little more sleep! Just kidding!

With more love than you know,

Mommy and Daddy