2 months old

Dear Carter,

Happy 2 month birthday!  You are constantly changing every day.  This past month has been so much fun watching you grow up right before my eyes.  Your little personality is coming out and I must say you have inherited some stubbornness from your mommy.  But, what I love the most is your sweet expression on your face when I come into your room in the morning and pick you up from your crib.  You seem to be a morning person when you coo and wiggle with happiness right after a good nights sleep.  Your daddy and I do not know WHERE you get this from.  

Speaking of your face, you have started smiling this month and not just after to have passed gas!  You definitely know who mommy is and your smile is most precious right after we eat.  You can track objects with your eyes and follow mommy and daddy across the room.  This makes us both feel very needed and also happy.  

We love you twice as much as the day you were born. I love holding you and will never pass up the chance.  Please don't grow up too fast and remember you'll always be my sweet boy!


Mommy and Daddy 

One thought on “2 months old

  1. Brandy

    I cannot believe it has already been two months! Where has the time gone!? This is such a sweet post…makes me cry!

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