One Month


One month ago today I was running back and forth between the nursery at Hendrick and Cilla's room in Labor and Delivery recovery. I still remember most of that morning, which is surprising since I was so tired. I remember being so happy when Carter was born. He was big, pink, and healthy. I remember being so worried for Cilla as she was finishing all the extra work that happens after the birth (I knew what was going to happen, but was surprised by the intensity of it). The epidural had worn off and she was hurting.

I remember how well Julie and all the rest of the staff in the nursery took care of me. I felt special and I felt they were taking extra special care of my boy.

Carter is still healthy. He's even grunting a little less. We're blessed.

Gary, Tracy and Lorna came to visit last week when Gary was in Texas. Good for Carter to meet his Uncle Gary.

Our friend from ACU, Angela, came to visit us with her beautiful daughter Audrey. We appreciate the visit, advice, and baby book.

The first set of pictures for December are posted.

One thought on “One Month

  1. Aunt Katy

    I think someone likes baby hands as much as me. I can not WAIT to see ALL of you and am so excited to meet my nephew.

    Great pics!

    I love you.

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