Carter Grunts

Carter grunts and strains all the time. Cilla took him to the doctor yesterday just to be sure something is OK. Dr. Wiley assured her (and by extension, me) that we're doing everything just fine. Carter's grunting is normal, he just does it all the time. As of the doctors appointment yesterday afternoon, he weighs ten pounds even. He would have been a big boy to deliver if he had gone full term. His due date is today 🙂

I read last night (the La Leche League, hardcore as they are, has some great forums) that some babies grunt because they haven't learned to make any other sounds. Hopefully those grunts will soon turn into coos and giggles.

We had family over for Thanksgiving. We got previews of Carter at nineteen months from watching Parker. We got previews of Carter at six-years-old from Wyatt. I doubt Carter will ever be like Ashton, but that's understandable.

Mom and Dad and Betsy showed up after Thanksgiving. Somehow I didn't get any pictures of Mom and Carter. Hopefully there are some good pictures on another camera. Thanks Wyatts and Guerrys for making the trip to Abilene. We were blessed by your presense.

Our Sunday morning Bible class has been bringing us meals since we came home from the hospital. Between friends from class, friends from outside class, and family, Cilla and I haven't had to spend any time thinking about food. Now we're on our own. The meals have been an appreciated blessing.

I can't believe Carter is three weeks old today. In some ways it seems that he's been with us forever. In other ways, time is flying. He changes constantly.

Cilla and I seem to hanging tough. I think we're doing a good job taking care of each other. I certainly wouldn't want to do this without her.

p.s. New pictures in Nov. 2006 gallery.