Carter, day three

Carter came home today. He and Cilla are doing just fine. Carter really only has three functions: eat, sleep, and poop. He seems to be learning how to do each well.

I learned several things today:

  • I brought my son home for the first time today. I was relly nervous. Coming home was scary for me. Now that we're home, I feel better. God seems to have made brand new babies just self sufficient enough that I'm not going to break him right off the bat.
  • I got peed on for the first time today. First time of many, I'm sure. I learned there are worse things than getting peed on. I'm sure I'll have more suprises from that end of Carter.
  • I learned a bit more about my wife. She really loves Carter and he's only been here a few days. She's a bit emotional, but she's hanging in there like a champ.
  • The realization that the generosity of friends is cool. Thanks Kevin and Debbie for dinner. Debbie, thanks for showing me how to wrap Carter, again.

Tomorrow, assuming I’m not too tired to type, I'll post a full gallery. And I'll post the thoughts I had and wrote down during Cilla's labor. Thanks for the continued prayers.