Speak into my good ear…

It is funny how quickly a woman who is about nine months pregnant can get service in an Emergency Room. Cilla and I made out first trip to the Emergency Room this weekend, but the trip had nothing to do with Carter or pregnancy.

Cilla's right ear has been hurting for a week or so. We chalked it up to allergies, which seem to affect almost everybody in West Texas this time of year. Cilla thought of calling her family doctor on Friday, but decided to tough it out until Monday when she sees her obstetrician again. Unfortunately, by Friday night her ear hurt badly enough that she had trouble sleeping Same situation Saturday night.

We decided to go to the walk-in clinic on Sunday afternoon. However, they wouldn't see Cilla because of her advanced pregnancy. So, the only other option on a Sunday afternoon is the Emergency Room.

Cilla had a hard time convincing the triage nurse that we weren't at the hospital for anything baby related. They are very careful with pregnancy, as they should be.

I wish our wait had been a 'long story short', but it wasn't. I did get to watch most of the Cowboy game in the waiting room of the ER. However, our visit to the ER ended better than the Cowboy's visit to Washington (talk about a redemptive moment for the Redskins' field-goal kicker). Cilla was presribed some baby-safe antibiotics for otitis externa (never stick anything in your ear but your elbow). There is an old-wives tale that messing with your ear can induce labor, but no such luck yesterday.

We're hoping Cilla feels better before Carter shows up, which could be any day now.

p.s. Sorry, small-group. We promise if we miss small-group again between now and the delivery we'll call. Thanks for checking up on us.