26 weeks and growing

Ok everyone!  I can attest that I really do look better than the pic below.  However, I realize just how much bigger I am getting once I am on film.  Uggh!  

I feel absolutley great, but very hot these days.  I had my check up with my doctor on Tuesday ( the day of the pic below ) and he said I was doing everything right and I was progressing just fine.  He said my weight gain of 12.5 pounds was perfect and my blood pressure of 110/80 was ideal.  I was am so surprised each time I weigh in because I feel as big as a house!  I am getting tired of work, though.  At the end of each 12 hr shift, I am very swollen and very uncomfortable.  Overall, I am so pleased at how pleasant this pregnancy has been thus far.  I am aware and also prepared for the third trimester though. 

 I definitley have missed my massages.  After my doctor's visit on Tues., I went and got a pregnancy massage.  It was absolute heaven.  I had forgotten how tired your muscles get.  I always come home and thank Will for allowing me to get these massages.  Have I mentioned how wonderful my husband is?!