Start of School

The Abilene ISD starts school tomorrow. That reminds me to wish all my nieces and nephews and friends who are in school to have a good year! Especially Wyatt, who starts the first grade.

I can't believe this time next year we will have a ten-month-old baby. Cilla and I went to a church dinner (from a whole different church, long story) on Saturday night. In attendance were a six-week-old boy, twin four-month-old boys, a two year old, and about 10 kids older than two years. It was interesting to see each of the stages we'll be entering in the next few years.

We also talked to a woman in our small-group from church who mentioned she signed her three-year-old up for pre-preschool when he was in the womb. Apparently there is a really good pre-preschool here in Abilene. This adds another thing I need to do in addition to Life Insurance, a will for me and Cilla (know any good lawyers in Abilene?), and a college fund.

Cilla is doing fine. Happy times.