Our 20 week Sonogram

I can't believe I am half way through the pregnancy!  We went to see the Perinatal specialist, Dr. Maberry, for our 20 week sonogram.  I was so anticipatory of the sex of the baby until the morning of the test.  On July 13th, Will and I were excited but very nervous.  We just wanted everything to be in place and for both me and the baby to be healthy.  We are happy to report that everything looked normal and it's going to be a big baby boy!  We were so relieved and exstatic at the same time.  Will and his family are extra excited because this baby boy will be the 8th generation first born boy to be born in the state of Texas.  Will has only sisters so we are excited that the Wyatt name will have a chance to live on as well.  

We will have another sonogram in 6 more weeks because we had IVF.  I am glad about this and feel that we are in really good hands.