4th Annual July 4th Lakehouse Trip

Sorry for the late updates on everything.  The dust is starting to settle from the busy summer we've had thus far.  The week of the 4th of July, we left on Saturday and spent about 9 days with Will's family in Mountain Home, Arkansas.  It was and always is a wonderful and restful time.  It was full of relaxation, floating and swimming on the lake, and quality family time.  To our surprise,  the family threw us a unexpected baby shower.  It was so touching and sweet, I couldn't really see what I was opening for all the tears.  The most special gift was a scrapbook that the women put together full of advice and sentimental comments and verses.  The week of course flew by and we returned to Abilene after a full day of shopping in Dallas.  We really didn't want to go back to work.