My boss, Martin Yarborough, announced a few weeks ago that he was leaving our school district (the Abilene ISD) to be the Chief Technical Officer for the Fort Worth ISD. Fort Worth is the fourth largest school district in Texas with 80,000 students (behind Houston, Dallas and Austin, which has 700 more students). Abilene is sixty-third in the state with 16,000 students so this is a big step up for him.

Martin has been an able, fair, and responsive manager for the last few years. He was here for the whole PeopleSoft implementation. I felt we were well supported by Martin when we had to make tough decisions in the implementation.

On a personal note, Martin was very supportive of my repeated trips to Lubbock for our infertility treatments. I was basically given permission to go as many times as I needed, no questions asked. It was a great relief to know getting time off wouldn't be one more thing I'd have to worry about when Cilla and I had plenty of things about which to worry.

I hope my path crosses Martin's path again in the future.

The district announced that my co-worker, Larry Smith, will be the interim CTO. I'm sure he'll do a good job.