Feelin’ Funky


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In a few years when my child is old enought to watch Sesame Street, it is my sincere hope that they are still producing content like Stevie Wonder in 1973.

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My boss, Martin Yarborough, announced a few weeks ago that he was leaving our school district (the Abilene ISD) to be the Chief Technical Officer for the Fort Worth ISD. Fort Worth is the fourth largest school district in Texas with 80,000 students (behind Houston, Dallas and Austin, which has 700 more students). Abilene is sixty-third in the state with 16,000 students so this is a big step up for him.

Martin has been an able, fair, and responsive manager for the last few years. He was here for the whole PeopleSoft implementation. I felt we were well supported by Martin when we had to make tough decisions in the implementation.

On a personal note, Martin was very supportive of my repeated trips to Lubbock for our infertility treatments. I was basically given permission to go as many times as I needed, no questions asked. It was a great relief to know getting time off wouldn't be one more thing I'd have to worry about when Cilla and I had plenty of things about which to worry.

I hope my path crosses Martin's path again in the future.

The district announced that my co-worker, Larry Smith, will be the interim CTO. I'm sure he'll do a good job.

Another milestone

Yesterday at work, I was sitting quietly and I finally felt that little "flutter" everyone has been telling me about!  It was significant enough that I stopped and evaluated what I had  eaten that day (to rule out gas) and thought 'that had to have been the baby!'  It was a very cool moment.  I immediatley wanted to pick up the phone and call Will, but I had to get up and anwser a call bell.  When I returned, I then called Will. 

Now if we can just get to the sonogram part! 

About today

Eight years ago, right now (as I write this), Poppa was officiating at my wedding. Eight years has gone by quickly.

I can't think of anywhere I'd have rather been eight years ago. I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be right now than married to Cilla.

Happy anniversary, baby. Here's to eighty more.

Truly thankful

I wanted to add my perspective onto just how bad i felt this week. I know that I never want to feel that way again. It was interesting knowing that everything that I was feeling, the baby was too! I know that the pain i was in was not the same but it definitly knew I was in distress. (and let me tell you, waiting for to hear the heartbeat on checkups like this was for eternity!).

I realized last night, as Will came to tuck me in and kiss me goodnight, just how blessed and truly thankful I am to have such a wonderful man in my life! He worries for the best of us and cares tremendously for the baby and me. I know my hormones are at their peak, but I write this from the bottom of my heart. I love and respect this man more than I could ever let him know. I appreciated him for taking care of me this week as I was laying in the hospital bed realizing I could never do all of this alone.

To thank him and in honor of our upcoming 8 year anniversary on June 8th, I wanted to compose a "Top 8 list of why I love Will Wyatt" ( top 10 can follow in 2008). But I think I will tease you and only start with 2 reasons today and string you along until the 6th.


Top 8 Reasons Why I Love Will Wyatt

  • 8. He takes care of me when I am sick
  • 7. He is so smart and he provides for me
  • 6. He has a cute bum!
  • 5. I know that he is 100% faithful to me
  • 4. He loves the Lord and leads our home putting Him first
  • 3. He respects me and treats me like a queen
  • 2. I know he can't wait to be a daddy (and he's gonna be a great one!)
  • …And the number one reason why I love Will Wyatt is: In spite of all my faults, i know, without a doubt, he loves me back!

(Happy anniversary, Honey, of 8 wonderful years! I wouldn't change one day of it all and can't wait to spend 80 more with you!)