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Cilla had a good idea. She thought we should buy a package of diapers everytime we go to the store. So we bought a package of Pamers Swaddlers (the diapers our hospital uses on new babies) on our regular Sunday grocery store trip.

I'm not ashamed to say I felt a little freaked out standing on the baby isle at HEB. Normally the only reason I'd even step foot on the baby isle is as a shortcut from the front door to the yogurt. If we get a bag or two of diapers a week until November, I figure that will be a pretty good head start.

I wrote last week about the 'in sickness and in health' part of our wedding vow having significance when I got sick. Yesterday was my turn to take care of Cilla when she got sick.

One of Cilla's fears about being pregnant is her inability to take anything for migraines, should she have one. About 3 weeks ago she started getting headaches again. Yesterday she got a pretty severe headache at work. She tried to come home early, but by the time her replacement could get to work Cilla had decided to call her doctor to find out if there was anything she could take or do to help with the headache and the nausea.

Cilla ended up calling the Labor and Delivery floor in her hospital (one floor above the floor where she works). They called our doctor for us, which was probably much more efficient than if we had called them ourselves since they have all the 'inside' numbers that normal patients don't have. Dr. Tadvick (the on-call doctor for our doctor's practice) told Cilla to go up to Labor and Delivery where they would check on the baby and give Cilla some fluids and some medicine for her vomiting (which also helps with her headache).

We were glad we went up to the L&D floor instead of just taking Cilla home. We got to meet some of the nurses and see how they run their floor. They were very helpful. It's good to know I can take Cilla up to L&D and they will take care of her (next time I'm bringing a book, those IV bags of fluid take a long time to empty). They told us we should feel free to call them with questions, especiall if the situation is emergent on weekends or holidays since they can get in touch with the doctor faster than we can.

The baby's heartbeat was fine. I guess it's good to know Cilla's body is sacrificing her feeling well in order to keep the baby healthy. We had a really easy first trimester (easy for me to say) so we're hopeful these headaches pass quickly.

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  1. Julia Stewart

    Great idea Will – just remember that the baby will grow out of the newborn diapers pretty fast – like 2 weeks… Stock up on size 1 and size 2…. those will be your bulk for the begining months… Boy babies grow faster (on average) and get bigger than girl babies (most of the time)…
    Good luck, see you around ! – Julia

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