In Sickness and In Health

I got really sick on Wednesday. Sick enough that I ended up leaving work early. At 8:30 I felt fine. At 9:30 I felt kind of ‘blah’. At 10:30 I felt poor enough to leave work. At noon my body had entered full on panic-mode. Whatever was causing the disturbance was being evacuated via the nearest exit, as quickly as possible.

Of course I called Cilla when I got home to let her know I had come home sick. She gave me good nurse-ly advice (take a Tylenol, lie down, drink lots of fluids). I took all the advice except the Tylenol. From now on I’ll listen to my nurse.

By 4:30 I had a really high fever, 104 degrees. I called Cilla again and she told me to take something and try to keep fluids down. Again I ignored the Tylenol, mostly because my head hurt too much to stand up. By 6:30 or so I had the worst headache of my life. I hope I never experience anything like that again. When it was at it’s worst, I only remember thinking, “I hope Cilla gets home soon.”

Poppa included “… in sickness and in health …” in our wedding vows for a reason. It may sound selfish, but I think I appreciated Cilla more on Wednesday when I was sick than any other time in our marriage. I was incapacitated and she took care of me. She took care of critically ill patients all day at the hospital and had enough left over to take care of me.

Thanks for taking care of me, baby. I love you.