First sonogram video, part 1

Cilla and I had our first sonogram on Wednesday. Everything seems to be going well. Our nurse, Rita, saw one fetus (not three 🙂 ).

The clip below shows the fetus, from top to bottom (click the film strip icon to see the video). The large black bean shaped object is the amniotic sack. The fetus is the white object to the left in the amniotic sack. The round item at the far far left of the amniotic sack is the yolk sack (I thought it was the head). The video pauses as Rita measures the fetus’ length at 10 millimeters from crown to rump.

Funny Thumbnails

I’ve been messing with the way the Family Gallery shows it’s thumbnails (as well as the random thumbnail in the top right corner of the page). You may notice that some of the thumbnails look squished. Rest assured, this will correct itself with time :).

Spotting Scare

I was suppose to work today, but I was called low census. This was the Lord definitely looking out for me because this morning I woke up and found that I had spotted in the night. I did not see any bright red blood or clots. I haven’t been cramping either. I called the doc anyway just to make sure and the nurse called me back within 5 min. She seemed very concerned, but said that this was normal and they see it all the time. This reassured me, however ,she told me to put my feet up and drink plenty of fluids keeping my bladder empty at the same time. Our 1st sono is this week, but she said if I continue to spot that we will move it up to Monday. I’ll keep you posted, but please pray for no more scares!


UPDATE, April 3rd- April Fools, folks. I’m updating this because we had a couple of panicky phone calls.

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So, Cilla and I had our first post-implantation sonogram today on April 1st. The good news is that they found a heartbeat. The better news is that they found three heartbeats. I don’t know if our nursery is big enough for three cribs.

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