New Drupal theme – serene

I'm going to release the theme that drives this Drupal installation. I'm calling the theme 'serene' since the theme is a little mellow. The theme can be seen in action at The code for the theme can be found here.

3 thoughts on “New Drupal theme – serene

  1. elvis

    Hi Will – Your drupal theme Serene is great. Very simple and elegant, great job. Does it work with drupal 4.7?


  2. admin

    I’ve tested it with the 4.7 release. I should also work reasonably well with the 4.7 release candidates.

    I’m also working on a variation of this theme. I’ll post another comment here when it is done.

  3. Hi,

    I am building a development aid site.
    How do you control the theme that it really looks like the one on this nice site? with the blocks both on the right.
    I really would like to use this theme with a more column view. Your theme is a good start for this I think
    Thanks for your answer and time.


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