Spoke too soon

Ok, Ok, Ok. I spoke too soon. This week has been awfully rough. I ended my shift at work on Tuesday with one of my bad migraines. This has been one of my biggest fears since the beginning. I have been in terrible pain for 2 days with only Tylenol to take. I have tried everything else from a heating pad to pulse point cream to help alleviate the pain. Along with the discomfort, nausea and vomiting has finally arrived. I have thrown up at least once a day since Sunday. Yuck! Oh well, I knew I was due!

The best part of this week was on Monday. We had our first OB appointment with Dr. Daniel, my doctor here in Abilene. It was very nice to establish this step which made it all real for me. We both love him as he is very laid back, professional, and Will likes his long hair! He attempted to hear the baby’s heartbeat, but we were unable to this trip. He thought we were a week too early. We evidently see him once a month until close to the end.

Off to a great start

I am just amazed at how great I feel. I am at 9 weeks and I really feel good. My only ailment is fatigue. I could happily go to bed for the night around 1 or 2 PM in the afternoon. I had my first migraine yesterday. It worried me because I knew that Tylenol would not cut it. With lots of rest and a heating pad, I was able to sail through it. Drinking lots of water helped also.
On another note, Harley has been in the kennel for over 2 weeks (with a one day reprieve). I miss him sooo much! The vet says that his knee incision is still draining fluid, but that it was normal for having a repeat surgery. We are both ready to have the “healthy” Harley home.


Cilla had her progesterone drawn on Wednesday. Her level came back fine so we’re able to stop her nightly shot. After a month and a half, I feel like I was starting to get the hang of it.

We see our obstetrician, Dr. Daniel, for the first time next week. He’s been Cilla’s OB/GYN for years. One of Cilla’s friends (who just had twins) is a labor/delivery nurse at her hospital. She said many of the labor/delivery nurses choose Dr. Daniel as their obstetrician. That seems like a good endorsement to me.

Update – April 22nd.
Looks like I spoke too soon. Cilla ended up having to call the nurses in Lubbock. They suggested we keep giving Cilla her shot but by alternating days while we reduce the shots more slowly rather than going ‘cold-turkey’.

My Book list

Currently Reading:

Books I've recently finished:

Books I want to read:

I'll keep this list updated as well as link to any thoughts I might have about the book I've read. I wonder how much time I'll have to read when the baby arrives.

p.s. Thank goodness for the library 🙂

Distributed Boing Boing

One of the websites I read on a daily basis is Boing Boing. Some over-zealous webfiltering software classifies Boing Boing in such a way that it is blocked. To help rectify this situation, I've installed the Distributed Boing Boing proxy on this website. The URL for the proxy is http://willwyatt.com/dbb.php.

Freedom of information is important to me. I don't think organizations or whole countries should deny individuals the right to free information. Plus, Boing Boing isn't really a website that deserves to get blocked.

I'll leave the proxy up as long as it doesn't take too much bandwidth.

(If I'm serious about helping internet information, someday I'll bite the bullet and install the Tor network at Dreamhost or at home.)

Harley the hobbled wonder dog

Harley ended up having to have his knee operated on again. It seems he was a little too enthusiastic on his bad leg.

The vet said he had never seen a dog pull out his repair like Harley did. We’re hopeful the repair lasts this time. Cilla and I will certainly be more aware of how he is walking on his leg this time.

First songram video, part 2

In this video, Rita zooms in to the fetus to look for a heartbeat. She sees the heartbeat, which she points out with her pointer tool. Then she swiches to a split screen that show the heartbeat on the left and her tool for counting the heartbeat on the right. The machine calculated 155 beats per minutes, which is just fine.

So, to sum up (hope I don't get sued)

  • Twenty or more trips to Lubbock… 6000 miles on the car
  • One in-vitro fertilization procedure… $13,000 +
  • The look on your wife's face when she sees her baby's heartbeat for the first time… Priceless