The Results Are In

Well, today was THE big day. After 1 year and 3 mos. of treatment in Lubbock, we found out today that WE ARE PREGNANT! All of my hormone levels are great and we are more excited than ever! It has been a long and exhausting day! What a relief to finally know one way or the other. We also just found out tonight that our expected due date is November 25th- Gulp! So, that means today I am 4 weeks and 2 days! Yea!

We want to sincerely thank everyone who has been reading this and praying for us. We greatly appreciate your concern and devotion. God IS faithful and I know that He heard each and every prayer.

waiting and new features

Cilla and I are patiently waiting for Monday when we go back to Lubbock for our test. Our collective fingers are still crossed. Cilla seems to be doing fine, except she want to eat pickles all the time.

I added a new feature to the website. You should see a random image on the right side menu. The pictures link to our Family Gallery. If you are a family member or close friend to the Wyatt’s I’ll be happy to create a gallery for you if you want an online place to store your pictures. Flickr may have more features, but I’m free 🙂 Just let me know.

Implantation images

This is a picture of the sonogram that was taken just after the implantation. The white arrow is pointing to the white object which is the embryo. Around the embryo you can just make out a lighter colored ring which is the endometrial space. The embryo is supposed to be right in the center of the space, which it is. So this picture shows the embryo was implanted in just the right spot.

You can see a slightly different view here.

The Big Day

Today was the transfer. It was a beautiful day outside and everything couldn’t have gone more perfect than it did. We were both a little anxious, but that was soon absolved for me by the wonderful reflexology facial/massage I received just before the procedure. I was completely relaxed and surprised we even had begun! I truly felt like I was at the spa all morning.
The doctor and the embryologist came in first thing and confidently reported that 6 were blastocysts and 2 of the 6 were perfect in quality. So, they both suggested that we just implant one. Without any doubt or hesitation, Will and I agreed and proceeded with the implantation. It was completely painless and the most pleasant experience yet.
Now I have to lay in bed for 3 whole days! O, darn!

Spellcheck module

I’ve completely rewritten the old 4.5 spellcheck module. I’m ready to ‘release’ the module and wonder what I’m supposed to do now. I could create a patch, but there is almost nothing that remains from the old spellcheck module. This is also my first module for Drupal, so I’m hoping I’ve done everything correctly.

So what should I do now?

The module uses the GPL’ed Speller Pages from and requires aspell on the server. You can try it out at you can login as testuser/testuser and create a blog entry. There should be a ‘Check Spelling’ button below the body form element.

The module only works with 4.7 and has only been tested against 4.7 CVS.

The module really is just a front end to aspell, so your mileage may vary depending on your aspell installation.

Code is available here.

Day 4 Update

Time flies 🙂

So, the recap:

  • Day two had ten fertilized eggs.
  • Day three had nine fertilized eggs. Seven of the embryos had eight cells each. The other two had seven cells. All are progressing normally.
  • Day four, today, we still have nine embryos. Eight had just entered the morula (fourth pic down) stage. Today (day 4) and tomorrow the cells in the embryo will continue to divide until there are 30 or so cells in the embryo.
  • Around day 5 some of the cells will move towards one side of their shell, called the zona pellucida, leaving a fluid filled sack, called the blastocele, in the middle of the embryo. The cells will start to clump into two groups. The inner group becomes the fetus and the outer group becomes the placenta. Amazing.

That’s all for the biology lesson for today 🙂

p.s. I forgot to mention that we did not have to do ICSI. Cilla’s eggs were fertilized naturally, if you call being fertilized in a dish naturally 🙂

Day 2 update

We went to Lubbock Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. Cilla’s retrieval procedure went as expected. They harvested 21 eggs (which is nice and high). 18 eggs survived the retrieval.

Yesterday 10 of the 18 eggs fertilized successfully. Today, all 10 fertilized eggs have divided into 2 or 4 cells. Our embryologist said 4 or 5 of the 10 eggs looked ‘good’ and 4 or 5 looked ‘average’ which he said is normal for an IVF retrieval.