Good News Yesterday

Yesterday was our last HCG that was drawn and I think I’m still definitely pregnant! The number was 3717 which is very good at this stage in the game. It just needs to be over 1000 and seems to double every 48 hrs. My progesterone, more importantly, is also doing well. It was 468. I’m not sure what the magic number for this is but I do know that we want it higher than 20 or so.
So, I am doing great. I feel so good, it kind of worried me yesterday morning before my test results were back. Most people are supposed to be nauseous and throwing up about now. But, I have a strange feeling the worst hasn’t hit yet. I’m just adjusting to a new way of eating to accommodate my new found GI friends, bloating and indigestion. I definitely can’t eat near as much food as I use to in one sitting. Whatever I start with on my plate, I usually half it and only eat that and take the rest home. The upside is that I get two meals in one!
I feel great, am doing great, and yes, we are still on top of the world!