Jake and Harley

Some of my family is coming to visit Cilla and me later this week. My five-year-old nephew Jake is coming along as well.

As far as Jake is concerned, my dog Harley hung the moon. Jake and Harley get along very well.

I understand that Jake has been looking forward to seeing Harley in Abilene for a few weeks.

Unfortunately, Harley blew out one of his knees last night and will be at the vet's until Monday. So Jake and Harley won't get to play together. I feel terrible. I hope a five-year-old understands Harley had an accident and would much rather be with Jake than in a cage at the vet. So Cilla and I get to look forward to six weeks of this.

One thought on “Jake and Harley

  1. mavsfanmat

    Time to slow down, Harley. What are you doing blowing out your knee before Jake comes to town. That might be like me getting injured in a hockey game before my ski trip (thank goodness it did not happen.)

    Good pictures!

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